November 23, 2016

Changing Leads

I did go xc schooling recently. It was fun. But I'm so out of shape! I ride only about once or twice a week, and hardly get to jump. I do exercise rides on a client horse and then also school a pony when time affords. I love him, he is so freaking cute.

Perspective, it helps

I totally want to put up all the pictures, but then again, there are only a few. And they all pretty much look the same.

Pick your damn eyes up self
 So yup. That is about the latest. Moving over Thanksgiving, and going to a schooling show. No, not showing, 😢

I hate moving.


  1. Cross country looks like so much fun!! :D
    Moving is the worst...hopefully it's fairly painless.

    1. It is a lot of fun! I hope to take out that guy at some point to show. But he needs some work.

  2. How fun! I would really love to go XC schooling on a saint of an old pro (because I've never gone)