December 03, 2016

To Those Who Made Us

In the life of this blog, I am on my third move. We pretty much move once a year. Not really planned, but it sucks.

Each time we move I purge more and more crap. But I also rediscover stuff. Such as this:

It has to be circa 1995. I mean undeniably mid 90s.

But this was an awesome horse who taught me so much. He was a QH and my trainer's ex grand Prix horse. My sister had even done some jumpers on him. (Jumpers weren't really below 3 foot or for kids where we were and back then).

But I inherited the ride. We did 2'3"-2'6" hunters. He would always add the stride for me. He took care of everything. At the time I knew i was lucky to have a BTDT horse, now I realize how insanely beneficial it was. A horse who listened, but also knew when to know better. A horse that let a learning student work on herself. A horse that enjoyed his job.

Here's to the horses who have made us!


  1. What a handsome guy - I love uncovering old photos and memories like this :)

  2. They're worth their weight in gold.