January 10, 2017


I'm not  one  for  new years resolutions.  I think every day can be a day  to start anew.  Seriously,  it's gotten  me thru  tough times to channel my inner Scarlett O'Hara.  If you've been down there... You know.

My job,  well,  career,  is wearing me  down.  I'm not here to bitch about it.  But,  the struggle bus sometimes  has to pull over  on the highway because it is broke the fuck down.  But,  I have  been binging a podcast at work that helps me make it thru.

What I like about it,  is it is completely authentic.  OK yes,  it is the F Word Murder Mystery show.  There is cursing.  There is a lack of facts,  but there is genuineness that I love.  It isn't about the murders,  it is about the victims.  About the survivors.  About freaking humans and how we are amazing,  and effed up,  and crazy and amazing.

These two women began this for fun,  and  it has grown. How amazing is that to do something that interests you,  you are completely yourself,  and  it is accepted?  It makes me super happy.  Authenticity should be so much more rewarded.

I haven't been reading other blogs as much as I should or want.  Or reading and  not responding.  But there is someone's story who is stuck in my mind right  now.  I'm so sad for her,  having been in a similar situation.  But hers just seems even more heartbreaking.  But I know she's strong and  will be OK.  But it sucks to see the pain in someone.  Or I guess,  someone  in pain.

I dunno.  But I'll leave  with some  insightful  stuff.

Stay sexy. Don't get murdered.


  1. T could not stand listening to that show with me, I thought it was pretty fun but I wanted them to get down to business a lot of the time they just kept digressing.

    1. Ha I can see it. They can be obnoxious at times. Elvis won me over.

    2. My boyfriend thinks they are profiting off of fear mongering and sensationalizing rare events to make them seem more common and terrifying. I think they are hilarious and truly don't take everything they say seriously, and looove the podcast.

  2. So far so sexy... and also not murdered. I'm hitting goals left right and centre here.