February 21, 2017

State of the Blog

Big  old sigh.

1) I ordered a saddle,  it still isn't here.  It is nothing fancy.  Well,  it is to me. But it isn't expensive.  I indulged myself and got an old pancake saddle.  An Hermes Steinkraus.  I'm super excited about it because it is true close contact.  They are also designed with Tbs in mind and  that is my current interest and budget.

2) I had a horse on trial,  but after the Bay,  I'm not willing to chase white rabbits or dragons down the medical  rabbit hole.  She was a nice mare that has some baggage that we could have worked through,  but  when the involuntary reaction to pain is excessive... Well,  mayne not a resale project. At least we got that out of the way before purchase.

3) Going to HT at Meadowcreek to have fun with my little pony friend.  It is only starter level,  but he needs some confidence building.

4) I asked a little blogging bird about any ottbs that may be looking for new careers soon.  So think good thoughts.

5) I'm dying in  corporate America.

That is all.