May 30, 2017

Day Three, Carefree


End of day two:

Scene: Grazing. Mare is a mobile grazer, not stand in one spot for an hour grazer.

Me: omgomg. I can't believe this is my horse.

(mare literally steps out of shoe)

Me: ... Yup this is my horse... -_-

I hate nylon. Need cob leather. Hellllloooo sales

No joke.

But day 3 I hopped on to see what she would be like. Well, someone didn't tell her. The arena is deep enough it was OK to play for a bit. And even better than yesterday!

Seeking contact. Pushing onto my hand. Happy to havr some traffic and buddies. No calling. I think she was disappointed when I hopped off early. My girth was too big and I didn't want to tear up the chips.

But girl's got it going on! Seriously, her reward is more work. She wants it. No breaks, go go go. No drilling, but craves a challenge. What did I get myself into... :D

I suspect she is part Arab, part QH, part TB. When you see her head, you know. And eyes. Then, I think I know a badonkadonk when I see one. But Tb legs.

I have never had too much interactions with Arabs. But from what I have heard it seems to fit. She has endless energy, she seeks to please, but is independent. And smart as a freaking whip. Hence the "entertain me or I'll entertain myself" attitude.

Any advice for those of you, cough Emma, so might know on riding the eventing Arabian?

When your horse's name is on your boots 


  1. ha gotta love that first thrown shoe.... sorta... lol. i'm still just so excited for you! and re: eventing an arab? ah it's such a thrill! izzy loved a challenge, loved tackling new obstacles, and loved to RUN. esp once she understood the game. that mare in particular did best with a steady consistent riding schedule, and was often at her best around the third day in a row of riding. variety was useful too - flat work, jumping, trails, you name it. can't wait to hear all about all the fun stuff you get into!

  2. I had an Arab X QH as a little girl (my family's first horse) and I have never known such work ethic in a horse - enjoy her :)

  3. Keeping the brain busy is such a challenge at times but one you are way better equipped to deal with than me. I cannot wait to virtually tag along on your adventures together 😄