May 29, 2017

Hurry Up and Wait

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

I think I've been clear to you all, the universe, the people in my life, I want a horse of my own. I'm that person that my life is horses. My life starts when I mount, and pauses when I dismount. It isn't healthy, but that is what it is. There is no other more comfortable place for me, than astride. (ugh unless it is a shitty lame situation..) 

I've had some potential horses drift my way, but for one reason or another it wasn't meant to be. Distance, availability, etc. All horses that I would love to work with. But the universe can be a fickle bitch.... Takes one to know one I guess... 

I continued to wait. To be patient. It is hard for me. Well , no one LIKES being patient, but we do it. A big fault of mine is that I can be lacking consistency at times. Not to say I'm inconsistent, just that I need to work on my consistency, follow? It has been a rough ride of a year. Some unpleasant situations and swallowing pride, trying to be a better person, etc. 

Randomly, Spouse and I received a message from a friend who knew of a horse that wasn't working out in her current situation, she thought of us. After checking out the videos, she seemed worth checking out. A quirky mare. Hot. Not the horse for the owner, nor the program for the horse. Off we went to take a peek. 

I love quirky. I love hot. I do not make hot, as I see other riders enjoy the "sturm und drang" as Denny Emerson just described it today on Tamarack Hill's fb page. I soothe, I work with, not against. But hot, problem, fierce, wtfever, doesn't scare me. 

Actually this mare was none of those things on this day. But I see how she could be. She weaves too. No, not like Ray Charles bopping to a beat in her head. More like performance art in her stall, full on personal Broadway show choreography. So... I can see how MANY people would not be down with that. Girl is Speshul. 

I could see the potential though. She is meant to be an eventer. People were told she was wb/Tb, but I see something else entirely. No worries... I took her home. Stuff to work on, but plenty already there. Seemed like a good deal. 

Rode her the next day, kept her a bit more occupied, and she was great! She is the kid that is acting up in school because she's bored. She wants to do, be entertained, to be engaged, to think. She will fake spook at things she's seen before, she is buddysour. She needs a job. Keep her occupied and she is trying to please. Because of her extracurricular activities of stall balls and dancing. She is free through her shoulder. She listens off the seat, doesn't just run from legs but moves hind legs accordingly. I was stunned day two. I didn't just get a deal....I got a helluva deal. 


  1. She is lovely! Excited to see what you guys accomplish together <3

  2. Patience is the hardest skill to tolerate it seems but well worth the effort

  3. I love her expressive face! Can't wait to learn more about her as she becomes your partner. My guy weaves too and has some other quirks that would make him.... Maybe not the right choice for some ppl. But.... I adore him and he is perfect for me. Wishing you the best of luck in getting that same feeling from this pretty girl!!

  4. Finding a diamond in the rough is the BEST. Congrats!

  5. So many congrats! I'm very excited for you - looks like the wait was worth it!

  6. Weeeee so exciting, patience is so hard but it deff sounds like it paid off and you two were meant to find each other!