June 02, 2017

Expect Nothing, Receive Everything

Day four, I had to ride my ponyboy, with that silly thing called life, I knew I wouldnt get it all in. So, we went out, pulled Z's other shoe anf filed down the edges. So begins seeing how she is barefoot.

I rode the next day.

When I tried her out, she went in a single joint loose ring. It was fine, but I tried something  bit more steady, with a double joint. The first day, I borrowed my friend's D-ring. It was too big, she was fussy. But I'm sure most of that was a little nervousness at the new situation. So, I found my eggbutt with lozenge, 5". Works great. She is steady with minimal fussing. My go to bit for nervous or anxious horses actuslly is a roller. But 1, I gave that bit to a student, and 2, I don't think that is what she needed. No flash either. I can see where people prefer it, because she is... "expressive". Mix that with fidgety and she moves her lips around like a baby smile. Babies do that to show, hey, I'm just a baby don't hurt me! But I think Z is just quirky too.

She has yet to do anything hot, or even spook. The only thing close to a spook I saw was when we were grazing waiting for shower time. A rustling in the bushes across the street got her attention in a minor lay startling way, her skin did that quick tightening. But she looked up  then went back to eating.

She is happy. Even dancing in her stall less. You can still see she gets bored, the stalls have mats so there is clear sign she's been doing her thing. But she's super chill.

I'm gobsmacked by this mare.


  1. i love the pictures - you look great on her and she looks like a nice size and build! i hear ya also on starting simple with the bit and various accouterments. my guy raced in a flash and was pretty mouthy and teeth-gnashy when i first started with him. but i held off on adding a flash until he settled his mouth on his own accord while still showing signs that a flash would be useful for his training (never really used one on the last mare cuz she never really showed signs of needing one)

  2. Aww happy for you (I also used a roller on Carlos, helped to keep his busy mind focused)

    1. It is one of my favorite bits. I guess it is like the fidget toy that is popular!