June 05, 2017

Weekend summary

There may be a day when I look to compose real entry posts that have been proofread for typos and grammar. But I'm not taking bets on it.

Friday, we walked and trotted through the puddles in  the arena. She wasn't too keen on it, but didn't really fuss too much. I was worse off though bc I'm the one who got to clean her hooves and legs after!

She had one call at the beginning, but I haven't really heard anything since. She's settled in well and everyone fusses over her! Her coat is redonkulously soft, silky, shiny, dapples. Wow. I don't even know what to do or say when people compliment her. It's not really any of my doing. I've always said I had unluck. It's not bad luck, but it's never been good luck. I can't say that anymore. Evah. So, I just kinda smile and nod and appreciate her.

Saturday was helping a friend try out horses. I went back to ride and didn't have my bridle. So I didn't want to put the other too large bit in. I'm very particular on bits. I bit down. I don't want excuses, I hate dental work riders. I want soft and agreement. So, I'd rather keep her consistent this early in the game. I just groomed that lovely coat. We lasted 7 minutes in the dark grazing before the mesquite ticked me off...

Sunday I went out and she had a big lump on her jawline. I'm still getting to know her bumps, legs, etc. But I'm pretty sure I would be noticed this one.

Wut Dat. No like

Normal looking

Hey there 

She didn't like it touched, but it could be touched. Slightly sensitive. So I took off noseband to see how she would do. With the previous day off, I wasn't sure she would appreciate another day off. Esp if she hasn't gone out because of rain. The girl enjoys her work. I will keep an eye on it and see if it is better or worse today.

She was fine. A little mouth jiggy at first but settled in. She settles more and more each ride, faster and faster. Perhaps one day no gnashing.

The BO/BM came by to tuck ponies in amd shut barn doors as the alerts were going off. Something was coming. I had a little bit so I finished up. We did a leg yield off the rail leg yield back to the rail at a walk. Cantering at meeting rail, back to Trot, then 3 Trot poles. She Was stickier off the R leg. But over all I think she likes having a set of things to do rather than just drilling one.

I need to get creative with this girl...


  1. Maybe a bite? And pfft grammar and real spelling is for dummies ;)

    1. Yeah, that was a thought. Certainly buggy here.. :/

  2. She is such a cool horse! Loving seeing how much fun you two have on insta :) We need moar pics of her!

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